Staffing Service FAQs
  • Why should I use Availability?
    Availability has provided high quality staffing assistance since 1964. When you partner with Availability you enter into a win/win relationship. Together, you can find great people, make hiring easier, and keep the workplace running smoothly. It\’s access to that kind of flexibility that ensures business success.
  • How are you different from the rest?
    Availability is one of the oldest and largest independently owned staffing agencies in the St. Louis Metro Area. We pride ourselves in quality service and customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied, please let us know and we will take whatever steps necessary to regain your confidence.
  • What types of services does Availability offer?
    Availability offers a number of services to relieve the pressure on today\’s HR departments: Temp to Hire Services – Initially, Availability can assign a temporary employee to a client\’s open position. If the person performs well, he or she can be offered a direct position. If the person isn\’t right for the job, the client can simply end the temporary assignment. Direct Hire Services – Availability serves as the client\’s recruiting partner by helping fill full-time job openings. We recruit, screen and recommend qualified candidates to fill open positions defined by the client.In addition to the services above, Availability can also find temporary employees who \”fill in\” for vacations, leaves of absence, increases in work load or while the client\’s HR department conducts a thorough search for the candidate who will be offered the direct position.
  • What are my responsibilities as a client after the placement is made?
    We take care of all fiduciary responsibilities; we will keep in contact to receive updates on our employee’s performance. You are required to verify and approve our employee’s time records, keep Availability updated and informed of any job changes, assignment end dates or interest in hiring the employee.
  • How are the employees paid?
    Availability field representatives are paid only for productive hours worked. These hours are verified, approved and signed off by you, the client, prior to the submission of the time card. You keep a copy of the time card for your records.
  • Can I place my employees on your payroll?
    Yes, payrolling allows you to bring a past employee back for a special project or allows you to try someone out prior to hiring while at the same time reducing your liability and risk.
  • How am I billed?
    You are billed an hourly rate that is agreed upon prior to the employee starting the assignment. You are only billed for hours worked, which you verify when signing the employee’s time card. There are no hidden costs.
  • What does the bill encompass?
    The bill rate includes the employee’s salary, recruiting and screening costs, worker\’s compensation coverage, liability coverage, and all government required taxes.