\"\"Healthcare Staffing

Our placement staff understands the special requirements needed of employees we provide for assignments in a medical environment. We know our employee must be familiar with medical terminology and procedures. In addition, the employee should have a professional, caring attitude toward each person with whom they interact.

Of course, confidentiality is of utmost importance within a medical environment. We strive to select only mature, trustworthy employees who understand the inherent responsibility of dealing with confidential matters.

We are able to provide assistance to all types of medical environments including individual physician offices, clinics and out-patient surgery groups and hospitals. We are experienced with staffing many positions within the medical field including:

  • Secretaries

  • Receptionists

  • Transcriptionists

  • Medical Record Clerks

  • Billers (ICD-9, CPT Coding)

  • Practice Managers

Each employee has been thoroughly interviewed and has had his or her references checked for skill level, integrity and reliability. Every Availability employee is bonded.