\"negligentTo say recruiting today is a challenge would be an understatement. With unemployment hovering at or below 7%, along with people who may have dropped out of the workforce, finding skilled workers is like pulling teeth without Novocain. It hurts. Granted, we are primarily recruiting for temp and temp to hire positions, but it’s difficult. As a matter of fact I think it is the worse year out of the 34 I’ve spent in this business. Direct hire positions are somewhat easier to recruit for, but still tough.

For the majority of you recruiting for permanent positions the days of candidates (qualified) dropping off or sending a resume out of the blue are coming to an end. If you think you can put your feet up on your desk and watch candidates roll in like we did in 2009 you have another think coming – you will be surprised and frustrated.

Here are some recruiting ideas to consider for volume and / or occasional hiring:-

  1. Job fairs with a twist – hold them at your own office, the unemployment office or another venue. Give out free doughnuts, promotional items and door prizes. These take some marketing efforts to attract the right candidates. You will experience better results if you have multiple events over 6 to 12 months. Experiment with evening events.
  2. Employee Referrals – a properly developed and maintained referral program should be your largest applicant source. Sweeten the pot for referrals by paying a finder’s fee, increase the fee for high skill or more challenging positions. Don’t skimp on the finder’s fee amount or your results will show it. Promote it constantly.
  3. Develop referrals with other company’s where you share candidates that you don’t have a position or opening for within your network. Just like the employee referral programs it takes time to develop.
  4. Social media – such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter. Create your account, upload pictures, add posts consistently, develop followers, place position descriptions of jobs you are working on and ask followers to like and share your posts to expand your reach. For best results post a couple of times a day. Be ready to engage a candidate immediately and make it easy for candidates to contact you. Asking them to respond with a resume is standard; you might miss out on candidates if you don’t, offer email address and a phone number.

Depending on the types of candidates you hire, one or more of these ideas can increase your applicant flow and the odds of getting qualified candidates to choose from.

Happy recruiting!