\"\"Temporary Placement

With Availability\’s temporary service, you pay only for productive time; you do not pay for lunch hours, holidays, vacations or personal days. Availability also eliminates your cost of recruitment, employment screenings, payroll processing (including annual W-2\’s), all federal, state and local tax contributions as well as workers compensation and unemployment liabilities.

Temp to Permanent

Utilizing Availability alleviates the time and expense our clients incur from recruiting, interviewing, assessing skills and checking the references of a potential new employee.

Permanent Placement

Our permanent placement division is expert at sourcing and recruiting qualified job candidates.  You simply provide us with a job description, skill and education requirements and salary ranges and we perform initial contact, in-depth interview and employment verifications .  After verifying the candidates background we refer the top performers for your consideration and will arrange interviews at your convenience.

Permanent Placement Guarantee

We will replace the employee or refund the service fees which have been paid to us by an employer, at the employer\’s option, in the event that the employee hired through us terminates or is terminated from his or her position of employment, for any legal reason whatsoever, within thirty (30) days from the date the employee commenced said employment, provided that the employer notifies us, in writing, of all of the facts relating to the termination.  This guarantee is not applicable in the event that the employment is terminated because the employer has insufficient work for the employee.

Employee Selection Process

Much time and effort is spent sourcing and recruiting the most qualified employees.  Each candidate is thoroughly screened, interviewed and has at least two verifiable employment reference checks completed.


In the unlikely event you are not satisfied with any Availability temporary employee, simply contact us within the first four hours of the assignment and you will not be billed for those hours. We will promptly assign another employee and take any steps necessary to regain your confidence.


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