\"\"Why Work For Availability?

Because Availability provides staffing support to small companies and large corporations,
our employees have an opportunity to test the different structures of these environments and
choose which they prefer to work in.

What Are My Employment Options With Availability?

Availability, Inc. is a full-service staffing facility, meaning we offer temporary, permanent and temporary to permanent positions. The choice is yours.

Temporary Placement – People choose to work temporary positions for a variety of reasons; be it to re-enter the workforce, to gain a broader knowledge of different work environments, for schedule flexibility or for the opportunity to gain new skills.

Freedom and flexibility are the most cited reasons for working as a temporary. The nature of temporary employment means you choose the assignments you want to accept and you have the opportunity to work as little or as much as you like. And you can make new choices all the time…temporary assignments last anywhere from a few hours to a few months.

Permanent Placement – Many companies rely on Availability to handle all aspects of job openings within their organization. We advertise, recruit, screen and schedule interviews based on the skills and qualifications outlined by the client company.

If you are seeking a permanent position, Availability will conduct an in-depth interview with you to determine your background and the type of work you are seeking. Based on the information gathered in the interview, you can be assured that you will interview only for positions that match your qualifications.

All arrangements between the client and applicant are conducted through Availability. We forward resumes to the client and schedule interviews per their instructions, when the hiring decision is made we will contact you with the outcome. The client takes full responsibility for any fees associated with this service.

Temporary to Permanent Placement – Many companies do their new hiring through temporary to permanent. Temporary employees are assigned for a trial period with the possibility that the assignment may lead to a permanent position with the client. This program allows both the company and employee to \”test the waters\” making sure the best match has been made before a final commitment is made.

Availability’s Most Commonly Available Positions Include:
Administrative Assistant Account Payable Clerk Paralegal
Receptionist Data Entry Operator Legal Secretary
IT/Computer Specialist Loan Processor Customer Service
Customer Service Rep Accounts Receivable Clerk On-line Chat Agent
Help Desk Specialist Payroll Clerk Multi-line Phone Attendant
On-line Chat Agent Invoice Auditor
Data Entry Clerk Spreadsheet Specialist
Switchboard Operator Bookkeeper
File Clerks  CPA

\"\"How Do I Become An Employee Of Availability?

It starts with a phone call. Call the Availability office nearest you and ask to schedule an appointment. The receptionist will ask a few qualifying questions and schedule a time and date for your appointment.

Your appointment will consist of completing the application, taking applicable computer assessments and interviewing. The entire process will require approximately 1.5 hours of your time…time well spent!

We suggest you bring your resume with you, dress for a professional interview and schedule your time accordingly.

There is never a fee to Availability’s employees or applicants for these services.



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